bumGenius 3.0 One Size Pocket Diaper - Pocket Diapers - Healthy Hiney Cloth Diapers

bumGenius 3.0 One Size Pocket Diaper - Pocket Diapers - Healthy Hiney Cloth Diapers

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The stretchy tabs have been redesigned to be trimmer yet comfortable and snug

The slot where the insert is placed is wider for easier stuffing and removal of insert

A new insert stopper has been added to keep clothes dry

The insert stopper can be folded down for an even shorter rise to make the bumGenius 3.0 fit even smaller babies - size x-small!

Each diaper comes with TWO inserts - a newborn size for less bulk on little babies along with the one size insert

Stronger, grippier hook and loop so diapers stay put and still look good

The bumGenius is a true one size pocket diaper. It fits babies weighing from 6-8 lbs up to 35 lbs (they really do without a lot of bulk in the smaller sizes!) This is one of the easiest, great fitting cloth diapers on the market and can save you TONS of money. Buy only one size instead of three!

This is the first pocket diaper with stretchy tabs that is most like disposables. The stretchy tabs help you get a snug fit without being too tight on babys thighs every time. The soft outer fabric helps keep the diaper trim on a newborn and a toddler. Clothes will fit easily over this cloth diaper!

The sleek pocket design of this diaper allows for quick changes of inserts. Hemp or cotton inserts of varying absorbency can easily be added depending on your baby’s needs. The super soft suede cloth inner layer wicks the wetness away from baby and into the absorbent insert making your baby feel dry. A special covered pocket design helps to keep the insert off babys skin and away from clothing. The great stretchy tabs help ensure a perfect fit - no specific snap setting to rely on. Plus, there are cross-over tabs to ensure a perfect fit even on the smallest babies. On a newborn just roll down the front of the diaper to avoid irritation of the umbilical cord area. The front of the diaper adjusts the rise with three snaps to grow with baby. The leg castings are rolled out to avoid red marks and keep poo in (plus back elastic too.) The new super soft waterproof outer material keeps this diaper trim on the newborn setting as it is on the toddler setting. The Bum Genius is so easy to use, it is just like a disposable except you wash it! Available in white, grasshopper (green), butternut (yellow), twilight (bluish), and NEW! blossom (pink).After the bumGenius! has been used you can even avoid messes in your wet bag by rolling up the diaper and fastening the tabs before storage (as shown below).

14 day money-back satisfaction guarantee! Try ONE diaper. Use it. Wash it. If you dont like it, for any reason, youre welcome to return it within that time frame for a full refund. Others are returnable if they are unused and unwashed.


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