Healthy and Connected - 100% Essential Oils - List Page 4

Healthy and Connected - 100% Essential Oils - List Page 4

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Rose AbsoluteRosa centifolia With a rich and long-lasting floral aroma, rose absolute produces astabilizing atmosphere during times of stress, anxiety and grief. Rose OttoRosa damascena Rose otto has a powerful effect on the emotions and the spirit, bringingharmony and peace while dispelling fear and tension. RosemaryRosmarinus officinalis IntroRosemary has a fresh, herbaceous scent and purifying properties. Certified Organic also available same page.RosewoodAniba rosaeodora Rosewood tones the skin, stabilizes emotions and centers awareness. Sage, ClarySalvia sclarea Clary sage, a key ingredient in many skin care formulas, has a sweet, soothing aroma with intriguing musk and wine-like nuances. Certified Organic also available same page.Sage, DalmationSalvia officinalis Use one or two drops of this potent essential oil in combination with lavandinfor a purifying diffusion. SandalwoodSantalum album The earthy, woody scent of sandalwood is renowned for inspiring insightand spiritual elevation. SpearmintMentha spicata This sweet, minty oil offers a softer, more gentle energy than its botanicalcousin peppermint.Certified Organic also available same page.SprucePicea/Tsuga species Pleasant, balsamic, sweet, fresh fragrance, spruce is often used in air fresheners, disinfectants and soaps. Certified Organic also available same page.TangerineCitrus reticulata The fresh, fruity scent of tangerine is a delightful addition to childrens aromatherapy blends.

Tea TreeMelaleuca alternifolia Possessing an intense, medicinal aroma, tea tree can be used to cleanseand purify the skin. Certified Organic also available same pageThyme, RedThymus vulgaris High in thymol, the essential oil of the common garden thyme is a must for diffusion during cold and flu season. Certified Organic also available same page.Thyme, WhiteThymus vulgaris White thyme is the result of a re-distillation of red thyme essential oil. VetiverVetiveria zizanioides The rich, earthy scent of Vetiver anchors the spirit and stabilizes emotions. Certified Organic also available same page.WintergreenGaultheria procumbens With its sweet, mint-like aroma, wintergreen is a common component ofdental products. Ylang Ylang ExtraCanaga odorata Extra grade (the highest quality) Ylang Ylang has an intense floral aromathat is prized in perfumes. Certified Organic also available same pageYlang Ylang IIICananga odorata IntroThis ''flower of flowers'' has a heady, sensual aroma that elevates the spiritand consoles the heart. Certified Organic also available same page

Healthy and Connected - Essential Oils List

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